Database systems,
relational & non-relational

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IT or specialist department

Your challenge

  1. Browsing of structured & unstructured data
  2. Processing of complex data in real time
  3. Data aggregation from different sources
  4. Archiving of large data sets
    in German data centers (conforming to GDPR)

Our solution

Implementation, deployment and maintenance of different database systems (SQL and NoSQL) as well as corresponding (web-)interfaces for the data retrieval

Databases & object storage

  1. PostgreSQL (Postgres)
  2. Apache Kafka
  3. Redis
  4. S3

Scope of services and optional features


Our solutions will be adapted to your individual requirements and our services will be delivered to you via your interfaces as convenient as possible (e.g., via API, FTP or email).

  1. Selection and comparison of suitable database systems
  2. Deployment and operation in the cloud or on-premise
  3. Import/export of data in different formats (e.g. JSON)
  4. Data provisioning via (web) interface
  5. Linkage to external data providers and APIs
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Complex challenges often require individualized approaches. Together with you and based on your business model and our adaptable platform we will design an efficient solution that fits your IT infrastructure and architecture.

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