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Reports, analyses &

Your profile

Management, controlling

Your challenge

  1. Decision making in project management
  2. Revaluation of decisions made in controlling
  3. Aggregating data from different sources
  4. Comparing data from different time periods
  5. Visualization (graphical/textual) of large data sets
    (in real time in the browser or as PDF/email report)

Our solution

Customizable reports and analyses, provided as regularly sent emails and/or available online at any time (as dashboards in the browser)

Freely selectable time periods

Freely selectable formats

Visualization and presentation

  1. Portable Document Format (PDF)
  2. Text file (CSV/JSON) or Excel
  3. Plain text or HTML email
  4. As dashboard in the browser
  1. Static tables, images and text in (HTML) emails
  2. Dynamic tables (AG Grid) and diagrams (Highcharts) in the browser
  1. Day-to-date (DTD)
  2. Month-to-date (MTD)
  3. Year-to-date (YTD)
  4. Custom time period

Scope of services and optional features


Our solutions will be adapted to your individual requirements and our services will be delivered to you via your interfaces as convenient as possible (e.g., via API, FTP or email).

  1. Configuration of one or multiple reports & analyses
  2. Selection and comparison of suitable visualizations
  3. Regular (e.g. daily) distribution as (HTML) email
    and/or delivery as web-based real time dashboard
    and/or with portal page to download earlier reports
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Complex challenges often require individualized approaches. Together with you and based on your business model and our adaptable platform we will design an efficient solution that fits your IT infrastructure and architecture.

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