combines proficiency in derivatives trading and valuation with intelligence in data management and reconciliation to operate one powerful platform:


fAV integrates all key aspects of valuation and risk analysis into a flexible, robust and functional environment performing finest risk and valuation services. fAV facilitates highest levels of automation for your individual deployment and adds value by driving efficiency, generating cost savings and providing independency with its services.

Why frontmark


1. Experienced

frontmark combines the unique experience and expertise of front-office professionals, academic individuals and software experts with the infrastructure of three established companies operating in the area of derivatives valuation and consulting, risk analysis, quantitative software
development and financial data management.


2. Technology-driven

frontmark is technology-driven; its speciality the enhancement and automation of processes. frontmark seeks to increase efficiency whilst providing reliable, accurate results. frontmark makes use of advanced technology and rigorously assesses stability and security aspects.


3. Independent

frontmark is independent of dealers and brokers, operating independent product and market databases and relying on its independently developed front-office grade library. frontmark has full control over the entire production chain and guarantees prime quality and full transparency.